How To Audit System Actions Using the Audit Log


The Audit log is a log of actions which were made by users within the system. It stores the time of the action, the user that made the change and the actual change that happened.


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1. To access the Audit log navigate to Settings --> Audit from the Menu.


2. On the top of the page there are filters which allow you to narrow your search: Category, Target Person, Start date and End date boxes.


3. All activities in the Audit log are grouped into the 19 categories:


Access category shows login history (success and failed logins) for all users

Security category includes actions with security groups, such as create, delete or update group.

Employee category includes delete employee action and tax details updates

Payroll category includes update of payroll settings, cancel leaves and timesheet approvals/releases

Account category includes actions such as account creation and some changes in account settings

Super Fund category includes account’s default superannuation fund and employee’s fund updates

Setup category include action related to templates, approvals, process, alerts, etc setup

Org Library category includes Organisation Library manipulations, like creating, deleting and renaming folders

Employee Library category includes Employee Library manipulations, like creating, deleting and renaming folders

Performance Management category includes action related to performance review, such as Employee added to review, Employee manager added to review, Review status changed, etc.

Process category includes actions with active process instances such as Process step instance signed and completed, Delete active process instances, etc.

Super User Action category includes approves and declines of various requests

Benefit category shows some action related to benefits, such as Novated Car Lease request submission

Communications category includes communications send to employees

Stored Query category includes saving stored query actions

FlareSign category includes employee signatures documents, timesheets, check ins, etc

Ato category includes TFN declarations, both succeeded and failed

4. You could also filter main panel content by most of the columns by clicking on AuditLog4.jpg in the column header

5. To sort main panel content click on column header

6. Fields in the audit log table:

1. Category: Category filter drop down
2. Target Person: Person audit recorded against
3. Start date: Minimum filter date in audit
4. End date: Maximum filter date in audit
5. Show detail: Add “Detail” and “IP Address” columns
6. Target: Sub category
7. Action: Action executed
8. Occurred on: When action took place
9. Effective Date: Effective date of action
10. Action Person: Who made the change
11. Target Person: Who was the change/action for
12. Reason: Reason for change
13. Impersonation: If Flare impersonated a user (project or support related)
14. Detail: Expanded details of actual change/action
15. IP Address: IP Address of user when action logged


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