Steps to update change your tax details or TFN

If your tax details change you will need to edit them in Flare to make sure all information stays correct and relevant.

This article contains details about changing your tax information, for an article explaining how to complete your TFN declaration click here.

NOTE: Your ability to update your details will depend on the access granted by your employer.

If you are not able to Save or access the below screen the changes, please contact your HR team or manager to make the changes.

Follow Me.

1. Head over to Employees >  Payroll Setup > Tax Setup


2. From here you can update your number or other details relevant to your Tax setup



3. Once the information is up to date click 'Submit'.

Note: You can also click 'Save' to save the details to be submitted later if you're not sure about something.

Note: Once submitted your information will be automatically sent to the Australian Tax Office 


For more information about your TFN, such as how to apply for one or how to find yours, click here.

For more information about Tax calculation options, click here



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