How to update your bank details


If you need to change your bank details this can be done, providing you have the access to do so.

Flare also recommends you advise your Payroll team of any changes as well. 

To change your bank account details or to add a second account follow the below steps:


1. Go to: Employees>Payroll Setup>Bank Account

2. Edit the details of the bank account you wish to change then click "Save"

If you are adding an additional account:

1. Select "Add New: and fill out all required information

2. Once all details are added select "Save"

Note: If are adding or editing more than one bank account - Add or edit one account details, Save it and then move to the next account details, Save it and so on.

To delete an account:

1. To delete a bank account click the "trash can" icon next to the bank account (you cannot delete your Primary Bank Account)

2. Once the account has been removed from display on screen, select "Save"

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