How To Map a Signature to a Form or Document


Map a signature to any form to allow employees to sign it during Flares onboarding journey.


Follow Me 

1. From the Menu, select Organisation then Library.

2. Find the document you wish to map a field to 

3. Right click on the document and select Map form fields


4Click add_new_record.PNG

5. Fill in the required information including 

Type - Employee signature or company signature


Page - Which page in the PDF will the signature be located

Position-top - How many mm from the bottom of the page will the signature be located

Position-left - How many mm from the left of the page will the signature be located

Height - How many mm high will the signature be

Width - How many mm wide will the signature be

Authorised Signatory - Only applicable if a company signature is used, it is used to specify whose signature in the company will be placed in the document. 

6. Click update and the signature will now be mapped to the specified location whenever it is signed. If you want to preview where the signature field will be on the document, please click 
 button and check the placement of the signature field. Adjust the position, height and width, click update and keep previewing until you are satisfied with the placement.


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