How To Set and See Who Has Access to a Document

Managing document access is vital to maintaining confidentiality where required. Your Flare platform allows you to set and see who has access to each document, making information sharing fast and secure. Follow these steps to ensure your documents are in the right hands.


The functionality you can see or edit will depend on your security level and hierarchy within Flare as set up by your company.


Follow Me.

1. From the Menu, select Organisation Library. Choose the folder that contains the document whose settings you need to review.


2. Right-click on the document whose security settings you wish to update and select Properties.
Within the pop-up, click on the Security tab.



3. Review the names that appear in the Group share and Person share fields as they currently have access to this document.

4. To delete a group or name, select the x icon and they will be removed. To add a group, click into the Group share field and select a group from the dropdown list.


5. To add a specific employee, click on the Person share field and type in the new employee's name. Select an employee from the drop-down list that will start to populate.


6. Click Update to save all changes. To review the list of Employees that can view this document click Show access. The groups that employees belong to will appear in the Which column.



If you have selected a Group, it is vital to review the current list of employees in that Group are really all the employees you wish to share this document with. Use the Show Access button to review to be sure.



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