How To Give a Permission Group Access to the Reporting Data Page

Flare has a robust suite of downloadable Excel reports available through the Reporting Data page. These reports have been built specifically to provide HR and People leaders with further insights into your Employee or Account data. Because of the level of confidential information in these reports, access needs to be provided to specific individuals or groups for them to view these reports.

This article will review how to provide users with access to reports in Reporting Data page. For the steps how to provide the user with access to specific report please click here.


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Provide the user with the appropriate security access 

This step will review your Permission settings to ensure that the user can view the Reporting Data tab and export reports. 
1. Navigate to Settings > Security
2. Select the Permission group from the drop-down that contains the users who require access to Reporting Data
3. Under the Permission area select Integration (as shown below)
4. Within the Standard | Secure | All options select All
5. Find the Data Link row and click Change
6. Click Save to complete.mceclip1.png
7. Next navigate to the Menu Access tab on the same page
8. Tick the Reporting Data tick box and click Save
9. Your people will now have access to view the Reporting Data tab, however you now need to provide them with access to specific reports.


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