How To Give a Permission Group Access To Change Role Details

The Employee Role page (Employee Employee DetailsRole) have different elements that make up the details of an employees role, the department they reside in, who they report to, pay details and more. Since there are a handful of elements that contain confidential information, we have created individual permission sets that can enable and disable access to these areas.  This article will walk you through which Permission settings to enable to give users full access to an employees' role page. 

Note: Please use a careful approach when configuring security settings as configuring permissions incorrectly can potentially lead to employees viewing confidential information. We highly encourage you to reach out to the Support Team at Flare, if there are any uncertainties and you need clarification and confirmation on anything under the Security section. 


Follow Me.

Navigate to Settings Security and choose Permission Group from the permission group drop-down menu.  If you wish to create a new permission group, you can use the following article to assist you How Do I Add A New Permission Group? 

Apply the Change to the following permission target:

  • Employee : Bonus
  • Employee : Full
  • Employee : History
  • Employee : Job
  • Employee : Overwrite Tax Scale Type
  • Employee : Status
  • Employee : Unrestricted
  • Payroll : Change Work Pattern
  • Payroll : Pay
  • Payroll : Payroll
  • Payroll : Salary
  • Payroll : Salary History

Click on the Menu Access tab and tick the following checkboxes: 

  • Employees
  • Employee Details
  • Role

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