How To Give a Permission Group Access To Add New Employees

Split the admin load in your Flare account and give other members of the business rights to add new users into Flare. This might be handy if you want to allow hiring managers to add the successful candidate for onboarding. 

Please make sure you understand the general set up of Permissions, before making changes - 

Note: It is important to take care when working with permission group set up, as this can have a significant impact on the use and access of your system. Please contact Support should you be unsure.  

Follow Me.

  1. Go to Settings > Security 
  2. Select the permission group which contains the members you would like to give this access to (e.g. Managers) - alternatively you can add a new permission group
  3. Ensure the following permissions are set to enable employee and contract creation - 

    Employee : Basic - Change
    OR Employee : Full - Change
    OR Employee : Unrestricted - Change
    Employee : Create 
    EmployeeLibrary : Document Add - Yes
    OrganizationLibrary : Document Add - Yes
    OrganizationLibrary : Document Properties - Yes

    Important: The above permissions give access to specific functionality in the Employee Library and Organisational Library. Please read the tooltips of the permission before giving the access.

    Please make sure you select the correct permission column this should apply to - i.e. Self, Reports To (User can add employees/change documents for employees that [will] report to them), Reporting Line (User can add employees/change documents for employees that [will] sit in their reporting line), All (User can add employees/change documents for all employees in the account)

    You can control which entity the manager can add new employees to, by selecting the applicable entity under 'Select the legal entity that this permission group applies to'.

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