How to Format Template Documents Using Flare's Text Editor


The online text editor is very useful to construct and format text and documents. Make sure that you know some tricks to get the most out of it so that your documents have some real Flare! 


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  • Copying from Microsoft Word:
    Copying documents to the online text editor straight from word processors can often impact the formatting. This is as a result of the Word document coding not being web-compatible.

    A handy trick to avoid this problem from occurring is to copy the content into a text editor such as 'notepad' (Microsoft) or 'TextEdit' (Mac), and then copy this into Flare's text editor. This will convert the content into a web-friendly format that will eliminate any incorrect code within the back end of the online text editor. 

  • Formatting using Flare's text editor:
    When formatting within Flare's text editor, you may find that the spaces often appear larger in the edit window, as opposed to the final document. Please consider this when formatting.
  • Font sizes:
    Standard font sizing and font styles will be applied when adding content into the text editor (i.e. text pulled into the document via merge fields or custom clauses will be in the standard font size, potentially looking different to the rest of the text). 
    This can often be hard to see within the text editor, so ensure to preview the document thoroughly and change the font appropriately. 

Below are some handy icon's within the text editor that you might find helpful 




This makes the text editor take full screen. Would recommend this as the best way to format documents.


This allows you to insert a picture file into the document.


This allows you to add a hyperlink to the content.


Creates a table that can be modified in various ways.


Inserts a page break into the content.

          This allows you to indent and outdent text and is a great formatting tool 
This allows the content to be auto-populated by Flare data. There is a large list of different inputs that can be selected.
This allows you to add editable sections into a contract document.


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