What to do if an employee receives a "no active instance(s) available when onboarding

This indicates that employees were added via batch upload with the wrong status. As a result, Flare is unable to create an onboarding journey for the employee and the following error will appear upon logging in.



When adding employees via batch import, please note the following:

1. New hires should be imported with status "Recruited" NOT "Onboarding" . 

2. New existing employees should be imported with status "Active".


Note: This can also be a result of the Onboarding Instance being manually deleted from the Maintenance Tab


To resolve this issue, please note the following:

1. If you added a small number of employees, you can follow the steps here to delete them then re-import them with the right status

2. If you added a large number of employees, please contact support and our support team will help you delete them from the back-end then you can import them with the right status

3. In the instance that the onboarding journey been deleted, there isn't a need to delete the employee, This can be recreated by resetting the process instance.


Verify in your Process Management (Organisation -> Process) section that the employee is not in any Onboarding journey.  Proceed to the Maintenance section (Settings -> Account -> Maintenance tab) and use the Reset Active Process Instance for Employee, place a tick in Force Reset and press the Reset Employee Instance button.  Once that is completed, verify in your Process Management section that the employee had be placed into an Onboarding Journey.

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