How to delete a single employee's onboarding/info request process instance

If an employee has been issued an incorrect onboarding journey or info request or no longer needs to complete either of the aforementioned processes, system managers are able to delete that employee's process. This article will outline how to delete a process from an employee so that they no longer need to complete it. 

Follow me.

1. Navigate to Settings > Account and select the Maintenance tab
2. Scroll down to the Delete active process instance by employee heading
3. Select the process you want to delete from the drop-down, type in the employee's name and click List all instances
4. You will see all of the times that process has been issued to the employee listed below, and to delete one of the specific instance, simply click the delete button (mceclip1.png)
5. In the pop-up click Yes and that employee's process will be deleted.




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