How to reset or replace an already issued contract in an onboarding journey

Sometimes if changes are made, a contract can become corrupt in an onboarding journey and just continuously show the loading symbol. 

It is a simple two step process to refresh the contract. 

Step 1 - Send an Info Request with the Contract

Step 2 - Delete the Info Request


Step 1 - Send an Info Request with the Contract

1. Go to Employees > Employee Details > Role

2. Select Info Request from the top right corner

3. Select required process = Employment Related Document (companies sometimes rename this to contract variation etc)

4. For purpose, title and request (mandatory fields) you can just write the word test as we will delete the info request later. 

5. Make sure the target employee is correct

6. Select either contract template and preview to ensure it's correct or upload custom .pdf contract

7. Select Submit




Step 2 - Delete the Info Request

Scenario 1: If no contract has been signed prior to sending the info request, you will need to delete this Info Request to ensure we don't interfere with the onboarding journey and to ensure the employee doesn't sign the contract an additional time.

Scenario 2: If you have issued an incorrect contract or you have an amendment to make, do not delete the info request if the original contract has been signed. This will allow you to see both contracts signed and maintain history of the employees contracts.
The process to send the Info Request is for the purpose of refreshing the contract. 

1. Go to Settings > Account > Maintenance

2. Go to Delete active process instance by employee

3. Select the Info Request name = Employment Related Document

4. Enter the employees name

5. Select List all instances

6. The Info Request will appear with a trash can icon, select the trash can to delete



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