How to reset an employees onboarding journey process

You added a new employee, for example, a contractor and expected them to be assigned to contractors onboarding journey but instead Flare created a different journey for them.


 1. The filter query you created for this on-boarding journey does not include all the required conditions OR

2. Employee's details need to be changed to match all conditions in the filter query.


HOW to resolve this issue?

1. To check the  filter query of this on-boarding journey:

     a) Navigate to Settings--> Rules.

     b) Click "Process Templates" tab.

     c) From "Process group" drop-down list, please select "onboarding and offboarding".

     d) From "Process" drop-down list, please select the onboarding journey you want to check its             query filter.

    e) Click Edit filter button.

f) Double check the query and add/remove the required conditions.

g) Click update.

h) To ensure this query will return all expected employees, Click result button.

Once you are sure this filter query returns the right result, please go to step 2.

2. Reset on-boarding journey for this employee

      a. Navigate to Settings --> Account
      b. Click "Maintenance" tab
      c. Scroll down to ""Reset active process instance for employee" section
      d. Tick "Employee Onboarding" radio button
      e. Search for an employee by typing the first 3 letters of their name
      f. Tick "Force reset (Reset active instance even if any step(s) are completed)" checkbox
      g. Click "Reset Employee Instance" button 



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