How to change an employee's salary

When you change the salary of an employee there are a couple of things to keep in mind as the detail you add will directly affect the employees pay.


When submitting a salary change the key data is the Salary itself, the effective date and the frequency of the payment.


Please note: Changing salary data via the Batch Upload will set the salary to the day of the upload. Please contact us for assistance on bulk changing your employees' salaries. Salary changes via Batch Upload



Follow Me.

  1. Navigate to Employees > Employee Details > Role
  2. Select the employee in question from the search field 
  3. Click on the Manage button 
  4. In the pop up window that has opened, ensure to update or review the following fields 
      1. Salary (excl super)* - Mandatory field. This can contain both the annual salary value or an hourly rate value. Flare tracks both in this field
      2. Salary (incl super) - The value including super can also be tracked, however please note that the previous salary field is used as the main field across the platform
      3. Per* - Mandatory field. Ensure you select 'Year' to reflect this as an annualised salary or 'Hour' to mark this as an hourly rate (other, less common options are also available in the dropdown)
      4. Avg rate per hour - This is a display field only and allows you to capture this value against the employee's record. It is not used for any calculations
      5. When paid - This allows you to highlight how often you pay your staff (e.g. Fortnightly, Monthly)
      6. FTE section - This entire section allows you to store FTE values against he employee's record. It is not used for any calculations in the system. 
  5. Set the Effective date of the change

    Please note: The salary change will only be effective once the change has been approved and the effective date has been reached. 

  6. Set a value from the dropdown for the Type of change and the Reason for change.
    These values are visible during the approval process. 
  7. Click Submit.
  8. The change has now gone for approval and will need to be actioned based on your Approval process setup



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