Steps To Split Employees Across Multiple Cost Centres


In Flare, any employee can be assigned to multiple Cost-Centres. This allows you to split the costs generated by this employee in different categories in your reports.



1. Navigate to Employees > Employee Details > Role to find the Cost Centres section under the Employment heading. If you are creating a new employee, you will find the same section under the new user creation screen. 


 2. Click the 'Edit' button, and a new pop-up will come on your screen. Update the relevant cost centre shares so that the total adds up to 100. Ensure that any cost centre you selected has the Enabled box ticked. 

Note: If the 'Default' Cost Centre is selected it will affect Time-Sheet based employees. If no Cost-Centre is selected for Time-Sheets, the default Cost-Centre will take over. 

3. Click Close to complete editing cost centres.


 4. Click Save at the top of the screen to save your changes.

5. A change management screen will pop up, complete the effective date, select Ready to submit, and enter a Comment before clicking Submit.


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