Managing Perks

With Flare your employees can access a curated series of perks that help employees perform at their best – and stay motivated for the long haul.
  • With Flare’s marketplace perks you are supplied with a series of regularly updated perks and offers to provide to your employees, pre-negotiated by Flare.
  • Already have perks that you provide to your employees? Add them as Custom Perks for easy distribution and access.
Your employees can access perks:
  • In app, on the Home or Discover tab
  • On browser, in the Wellbeing tab



Managing your Perks

If you’re an admin in your account you can easily manage perks through Perks Manager in the Admin view of the Flare Web Experience, where you can:
  • Toggle perks off and on;
  • Feature certain perks; and
  • Add and manage your own custom perks.




Toggling Perks On and Off

If you would like to remove the visibility of a perk for employees, you can do so by using the toggle on the right of each perk.

Featuring Perks

If you would like to highlight certain perks for your employees, up-to three may be featured by clicking the star (⭐) icon.
This will cause the perk to be featured on the;
  1. Benefits tab of the web experience under Featured Perks;
  2. Home screen of the Flare app; and
  3. at the top Perks tab in the Discover screen of the Flare app.

Adding Custom Perks

If you already have benefits that you provide to your employees you can easily set up Custom Perks to distribute these to your employees. 

To add a custom perk:

  1. navigate to the Perks Manager menu in the Admin view of the Flare Web Experience;
  2. click ‘Add new’;
  3. add in the details of the perk; and
  4. click ‘Add’


By default any new Custom Perk is enabled when added, however this may be toggled off at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t enable the perk immediately you can do this at any point in the future using Perks Manager.


There’s no limit on how many perks you can add.


Editing or Removing a Custom Perk

To edit or remove a Custom Perk:
  1. navigate to the Perks Manager menu in the Admin view of the Flare Web Experience;
  2. click ‘Edit’ against the perk you would like to edit or remove; and
  3. edit the details of the perk and click ‘Save’;
  4. or click ‘Delete’ to remove.

Custom Perk Specifications

When adding or editing a custom perk please keep in mind the specifications below:
Field Mandatory? Description Size Limit
Cover photo No
The cover photo of the brand or benefit, typically with the following dimensions:
  • minimum 1920(w) x 768(h)
  • ratio of 5:2
  • preferably Png or jpg format
10MB, but ideally 1MB maximum
Thumbnail No
The logo of the brand or benefits, typically with the following dimensions:
  • minimum 96(w) x 96(h)
  • square ratio
  • preferably png or jpg format
Title Yes Bolded title of the perk that appears on the top of the cover page 30 characters
(incl spaces)
Subtitle Yes Text that appears on the cover banner underneath the title of the benefit. Typically a quick summary of the discount on offer 60 characters
(incl spaces)
Description Yes Long description of the benefit, which may include promotional information about the brand, discount on offer and how to redeem 1,000 characters
(incl spaces)
Category Yes
The single category that a perk will be attributed to:
  • Money
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Life
  • Work
Link Details - Weblink label No The text on the button that open the weblink 20 characters
(incl spaces)
Link Details - Weblink No A website URL that redirects users to a landing page  
Attachment No A PDF or Doc attachment typically used to provide more information on the brand or benefit on offer 10MB
While editing or adding a Custom Perk you can always preview it by clicking the ‘Preview’ button.
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