How To Fill Empty Positions in the Organisational Chart

Flare provides a flexible position management function. This includes the ability to manage vacant positions within your Organisational Chart. A vacancy in the Org Chart is created whenever someone is terminated in your business. Flare works under the assumption that every employee will be replaced, therefore whenever a termination occurs you can either fill the vacancy with another employee or delete the vacancy altogether. 

Follow the below instructions to learn to fill empty positions in the Org Chart.

Follow Me.

1. Navigate to Enterprise > Org Chart

2. Find the vacant position you would like to fill

3. Select the pencil icon within the position and amend the position title (if required), select the person for this position and confirm who this position reports to (if required). 

4. If the new position title of the person you have entered does not match that person's job, then select whether you would like to change the position title to match the job or whether you would like to change the job to match the position title by ticking the appropriate radio button.

5. Click Submit to finalise your changes  



*Note: If you would like your Empty Positions deleted in Bulk, please contact our Support Team to request this. 

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