How To Add or Update Legal Entities

Whether a company is comprised of a single entity or multiple entities, System Managers must ensure that all entity details such as the legal entity name, ABN, contact details, etc. are kept up-to-date in Flare.

Adding or Updating a Legal Entity

To add or update a legal entity please:

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Entities

  2. If you would like to add a new legal entity click "new". Alternatively, if you would like to amend the details of an existing legal entity, select this from the "entity" dropdown.

  3. Add or update all appropriate details for your legal entity, including:
    • Legal Entity Name
    • Country
    • Company number (ABN)
    • TFN
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • The brand associated with your legal entity
    • Whether the legal entity should be set as your default.
    • The nominated Authorised Legal Representative and Authorised Payroll Representative, whose details will be included in any electronic TFN submissions.
  4. Click 'Save' to save the details of your new/amended legal entity.


  • If you cannot see the Entities page or complete any of these actions, this may be because you do not have security permissions within your account to make these kinds of changes.
  • The legal entity name should match the name associated with your ABN.
  • An invalid phone number may affect an employee's ability to complete the Tax Declaration
  • The Brand determines which logos will be shown to employees if they're assigned to a particular Entity. To learn about Brands in Flare and how to create one, click here.
  • The default legal entity is the entity assigned to someone if one is not selected when the employee is being created.
  • If you're adding a new legal entity please ensure that you create and/or associate any locations and pay groups with it.
  • To update the default superfund associated with your legal entity, please navigate to Settings > Super fund setup.
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