How to set up Logos or Brands

Branding is an important part of the business, Flare allows you to easily set up your brands and logos to be visible on the platform. Employees can be assigned a brand which will display the relevant logos on their account.

Setting up or Updating Logos and Brands

To set up or update your existing logos and brands:

  • Navigate to Enterprise > Brand.

  • If you would like to add a new brand click New. Alternatively select the brand you would like to edit from the Brand dropdown.


  • Fill in or update the Brand name, Brand tag line, and Brand Manager as required and click Save.

  • Scroll down to set your brand logo and images.

    • Select the relevant image use and click Set image if no existing logo exists for this use or click on the existing image to update. 


    • In the upload pop-up click select image, select the image you would like to upload from your computer, and then click Accept


    • Repeat the above process for each other image use you would like to set or update and then scroll up and click Save

Logo Image Uses

When uploading images for each image use please refer to the below table for a description of where this image will appear and what size the image should be uploaded as.

Image use Location Size
Document header logo This image may be merged into a contract template 100 x 200 pixels
Onboarding main logo This image appears on the main onboarding page 90 x 90 pixels
Onboarding secondry logo This image appears in the top left corner of the onboarding journey 50 x 50 pixels
Report Logo This image appears on the top left corner of all reports from the Report tab 6 x 1.5 cm
Webpage header logo This image appears on the top right-hand corner of the platform. 50 x 200 pixels


Note: Certain image uses are no longer required to be set. These include the: 

  • Benefit banner
  • Benefit banner small
  • Large logo
  • Small logo

Assigning Brands to Employees

When you add an employee to Flare, they can be assigned a brand. 


Alternatively, if you set up the employee's legal entity to be associated with a certain brand, the brand will be automatically assigned without needing an input. For more details on setting up legal entities please click here.

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