How To Link a Custom Smart Alert to a Process Step

Custom smart alerts are a way to receive custom notifications when an employee proceeds through a specific workflow. They allow employees, managers, and HR and Payroll teams to stay informed by sending automated messages outside of the Flare system.

Custom smart alerts are triggered by a ‘step’ in a process template.  For example, if you would like to know when somebody has signed an updated policy you can create a process step and then create a custom smart alert to notify you of the finalised document.

To create a Custom Smart Alert, follow the below steps:

1) Set up the Custom Smart Alert

2) Link the Custom Smart Alert to a Process Step

This article will review how to link the Custom Smart Alert to a Process Step.

Follow Me.

1. Navigate to Settings > Rules and select the Process Templates tab

2. Select the process and find the process step you would like to add the custom smart alert to. Click on the step to open. If you need to create a process first then visit this article on How to Create a Process Template


3. Underneath the step information on the right-hand side, scroll to Smart Alerts and tick the Custom alert box. Select your newly created custom alert.

4.  Scroll down and press Save.



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