How To Configure a Smart Alert


Work smarter, not harder – let your Flare platform send Smart Alerts / Flare Messages so that you can focus on more pressing matters. Having the right messages and alerts set up in advance can help your business run efficiently and drive productivity. Follow these steps to get Smart Alerts working for you now.



The smart alert engine continuously monitors activity on Flare and alerts the right people, at the appropriate time, with the correct information. This empowers you to manage pro-actively and stay on top of everything.
The functionality you can see or edit will depend on your security level and hierarchy within your Flare platform as set up by your company.


Follow Me.

1. From the Menu, select Settings and the Rules page will load.

2. Click on the Smart Alerts tab.

3. From the Alert Group drop-down select an option.
4. From the Alert drop-down, select an Alert.


5. On the Smart Alert title and Description – [Your alert] panel, complete the following:

  • Description: Type in a brief description of the alert. 
  • Alert delivery method: Tick the box if you want the alert to be sent via email and/or via Flare Messaging on the dashboard.
    • (Flare messages are found in the same place as action items and new messages are highlighted in the 'Bell' icon in the top right of your normal FlareHR screen)
  • Active: This box must be ticked if you want the alert to be sent. 


 6. On the Who to notify – [Your alert] panel, complete the following:

  • Work groups: Select any work groups that need to receive this alert.
  • People: Select any individuals that need to receive this alert.
  • Send to person/person’s manager: Tick these boxes if you want the person who triggered the alert or his/her reporting manager to receive this alert. (Note: For the approval process smart alerts, 'send to person' is the person who approves, not the one who requests approval.)
  • CC & BCC: Tick these boxes if you require copies to be sent to Groups or Individuals and select the options in each.
  • When dealing with approval alerts if you select Work groups then you will receive an email for everyone in the work group, this could potentially result in spam. However if you just select Send to person then everyone involved in the approval will receive one email.


7. On the Message to send – [Your Alert] panel, complete the following:

  • Subject: Enter a brief subject for the alert
  • Message: Enter a message for the alert. Please use merge fields to customise your messages. 


8. To save the alert, scroll back up and select Update



Don’t forget! To make an alert active, you must have the  active.PNG  box ticked in the top panel. 


9. Please find an overview of all smart alerts in the following article: Smart Alerts

What’s next?

Ready to make some changes? You can rename a permission group.

Or, being mindful of the impact, you can change settings within a permission group.

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