How To Remind Employees to Complete Processes Using Smart Alerts

Flare allows you to send Smart Alerts as reminders to employees to encourage them to complete any process you might have assigned to them (e.g. Onboarding, Info Request). 

You can utilise this to remind employees and even inform their managers or yourself about employees that have not signed their contract yet, for example.


If you would like to know more about how to set up Smart Alerts, click here


Follow Me. 

  1. Go to Settings > Rules > Process template and select the process you would like to set up reminders for (e.g. Onboarding)
  2. Find the step you would like to set up a reminder for 

    This could be any step or even multiple steps in the process.

  3. Set up the 'Target completion date' to define when the employee should have this step completed by. 

    The number of days set here control when the alert is triggered. 
    If the employee has failed to complete the step by the predefined process step target date an alert can be triggered.

    'Target date approaching' will send two days prior to the 'Target completion date' 
    'Target date missed' will send when the employee has not completed the step by the predefined process step target date.


  4. Select which alerts you would like to send - 'Target date approaching', 'Target date missed' or both

  5. Click Save
  6. Go to Settings > Rules > Smart alerts 
  7. Select Alert group 'Process Management' and Alerts 'Process step target date approaching' or 'Process step target date missed' to set up the alert recipients and message detail.

    You might want to set up 'Process step target date approaching' to send to a new hire, to remind them they need to log into Flare to sign their contract or to complete their onboarding.
    The 'Process step target date missed' could notify the hiring manager or yourself, to inform you that the user has still not signed their contract.
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