Check-Ins – How Managers Can Access Employees’ Previous Check-Ins

Check-ins are performance reviews in Flare. As a manager, you may want to review your team's previous check-ins from time to time. You can easily do this in Flare by downloading a report of a previous check in.

Note: To access check-in reports, you will require access to Organisation > Check-In > Reports.

Follow Me.

1. Navigate to Organisation > Check-In > Reports
2. Select whether you want to view check-ins that are currently open by ticking the Open only tick box
3. From the Review drop-down select the relevant performance review
4. Select the the Review status from the following drop-down (e.g. All reviews, in progress reviews, completed reviews, etc.)
5. Select the employee whose check-in you want to download within the Reviewee drop-down. 
6. Select what type report you would like to generate from the Report drop-down (e.g. Manager summary report, self reviewer report, etc.)
7. Click Generate to download the report. The report will open in a new tab, from which you can view, save and print it.


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