Check-Ins – How To Preview a Check-In

Once you have completed setting up your Check-in via Settings > Performance > Review and have added all components (Scale, Topics and Area of Interest), you might want to preview the process.

You can preview your performance review as both the Reviewee, as well as the Reviewer. 

Once you are happy with your Check-in, click here to learn How to launch a Check-in.


The basic flow of setting up a Check-in is as below:

  1. Establish a rating Scale
  2. Set up Topics
  3. Set up Area of Interest
  4. Prepare the Check-in
  5. Preview the Check-in (this article)
  6. Proceed with the Check-in


Follow me.

  1. Click Preview and enter a Reviewee to preview. Select the Reviewee and click Preview.

  2. Check the different questions and answers in the workflow and add information in the Reasoning Fields. Add information in the Stop/Start/Do more/Do differently.
  3. Click Next.

Continue to run through the preview until you’re satisfied with the Check-in readiness


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