How To Edit Seniority Levels via List Management


This article provides you with an overview of the Seniority level list in Flare and outlines how to edit the list, its purpose and where it appears in Flare. 


Seniority levels allow you the ability to identify the seniority of an employee. This can be used to identify senior leadership, managers and employees.

This detail can be exported via a Batch Upload template


Where this field appears:
- Organisation > Manage Employees > Add a new person
- Employee > Employee Details > Role
- Settings > Setup > Jobs > Default seniority level

- Settings > Batch Upload (within the Payroll Details)

Follow Me.

To Edit or add to your Seniority levels:

1. Go to:  Settings > Setup > List Management

2. In the look up list select Seniority levels:

3. Make the required changes below

a. Select "Add Item" to add a new seniority level to your list, enter the name and update

b. Select Edit next to the required seniority level and you can change the name displayed, make the change and update

c. Select "Delete" next to the required seniority level to delete and confirm the deletion

Note: Only seniority levels that have not been used can be deleted.


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