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How to track and troubleshoot Payee Onboarding?

You can track Payee Onboarding using following methods:
  • A candidate onboarding summary will be sent daily to a specified email address with a list of onboarders (including any payee creation or document upload failures).
  • Access FastTrack to directly review a candidate's record and associated Payee record to ensure information transferred successfully.


What should I do if a candidate notifies me they haven't received their Onboarding Invitation email?

When there was an issue sending an onboarding invitation email to a recent candidate, the common cause of this failure is incorrect candidate information. Please verify the candidate's name and email accuracy. If needed, you can manually resend the onboarding workflow by using the custom action on the candidate's page.
Causes of onboarding invite failure:
  • Their first name, last name, and email address has been provided
  • Ensure that the first name and last name do not include numbers or special characters
  • The email address recorded is correct and free of any typos or mistakes
If the email address is wrong, please correct it before using the custom action in the candidate profile to resend the invitation.

What should I do if I see a failure in the daily candidate onboarding summary?

If you receive the daily candidate onboarding summary and it includes payee creation or document upload failures, this email will outline the candidate’s information and the reason for the error.
After addressing the issues with the failed invitation, you may resent this invitation by the candidate profile custom action.


Payee create or Payee update failure

There are few underlying reason as to why a payee is failed to be created or updated, if you receive such an error please try to first manually to retry to send the information. This is done again by using the custom action button on the candidate profile.
If the payee record still fails to create in fastTrack360 please reach out to Flare's support team
If the payee record still fails to create in Payee Onboarding please reach out to FastTrack support to identify the issue.
If unsure of what may be the cause of an error during onboarding, reach out to the Flare’s support team with following information:
  • Candidate ID in FastTrack
  • Candidate Name and Email address in FastTrack
  • If an employee wasn't made in Flare, provide the approximate date and time when the "Custom action" was executed on FastTrack. This is crucial for troubleshooting the problem at Flare's end.
  • For data transfer problems from Flare to FastTrack (like Payee creation problems), provide the estimated date and time when the employee finished the onboarding process.
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