How to Use the Text Editor

When configuring Smart Alerts, Contract Template Documents, Welcome Email Template Document, Custom Clauses and more in Flare, you will use Flare’s Text Editor.

General Tips and Tricks Using the Text Editor

Please find below a list of general tips and tricks when using the text editor:
  • If copy-pasting content from a word document please paste this first into a plain text editor (e.g. Notepad or TextEdit) to remove the existing formatting first, as work document formatting is incompatible with Flare’s text editor.
  • For ease of editing, us the full screen toggle (four arrows point outwards).

  • To ensure that your content appears consistently, highlight it and use the Format (set to Normal), Font, and Size selections to appropriately format the text.

  • Using double spacing is generally recommended to ensure that any text inputted is easily legible.

    Note: You may find that the spaces often appear larger in the edit window, as opposed to the final document.
  • To create indented content use the numbered list, bulleted list, or indent options.

    Note:  You can right click on a numbered list or bulleted list to change the formatting (e.g. using roman numerals rather than numbers or restarting a new list with the number 3, rather than 1).

  • Regularly save your progress to ensure that, in the event of a timeout, your updates are saved.

Uploading Images In the Text Editor

Occasionally, you may need to upload images in a contract or some other component using the text editor.
This can be particularly helpful if you wish to embed a document in a contract, by uploading the documents respective pages as images.
To upload an image using the text editor:
  • Click the image icon in the text editor.

  • In the Image Properties pop-up that appears, click the Upload tab followed by Send it to the Server.

  • In the Image Upload pop-up that appears, click the Select and upload button to select the image from your computer.


    This will upload the image to the server for use later.
  • Select where you would like the image to appear followed by the image icon.

  • In the Image Properties pop-up that appears, click Browse Server to select your uploaded image.

  • Use Width and Height and Align to resize and align the image as required.
  • Click OK.
The image will then be added in the text editor.

Configuring Tables in the Text Editor

Commonly when configuring Contract Templates, you’ll be required to create a table for a contract schedule and other elements.
To configure a table in the text editor:
  • Select where you would like the table to appear followed by the table icon.

  • In the Table Properties pop-up that appears, input the following:
Field Notes
Width Typically a percentage is easiest (e.g. 80%)
Cell spacing Typically set to 0
Cell padding Typically set to 5
Border size Typically set to 1


  • Click OK
The table will then be added in the text editor.
To configure an individual cell:
  • Right click on the cell followed by Cell > Cell Properties.

  • In the Cell Properties pop-up that appears, input the following:
Field Notes
Width Typically entering a percentage is easiest. The widest set cell will determine the width of the column.
Word Wrap  
Horizontal Alignment  
Vertical Alignment  
Cell Type  
Rows Span  
Columns Span  
Background Color  
Border Color  

  • Click OK
The cell will then be formatted as required.
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