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Please find some useful information to troubleshoot common JobAdder integration problems


Why integration has stopped working suddenly and candidates have stopped getting created in Flare?

A token serves as a key enabling integration to securely request information from the JobAdder API and retrieve data linked to a specific account.
However, a refresh token can become invalid due to:
  • Removal or deactivation of the user who authorized the integration in the JobAdder account.
  • The token remaining unused for over two weeks, although the integration uses it daily, which ideally shouldn't occur.
To restore the link between Flare and JobAdder, please reach out to Flare support for assistance in refreshing the token.

Information required to submit ticket request with Flare support

  • Candidate ID in JobAdder
  • Candidate Name and Email address in JobAdder
  • Employee ID in Flare (only if the candidate was created with incorrect information in Flare). Otherwise, not necessary.
  • If an employee wasn't generated in Flare, provide the estimated date and time when the placement was initiated or the partner button was pressed on JobAdder. This is essential to diagnose the problem on Flare's side.



Can a candidate in JobAdder be transferred to Flare multiple times?
No – If a candidate email address already exists in Flare, they are unable to be transferred again.
If I update a transferred candidate’s information in JobAdder, will it update in Flare?
No – after a candidate has been pushed to Flare, they are distinct non-synchronised records.
Can I have multiple onboarding workflows setup in Flare while using the JobAdder integration?
Yes – provided that the queries used to assign workflows are based on the data received from JobAdder (or additional data is added in if using Placement Onboarding).
My placements in JobAdder are appearing as Candidates in Flare - what is occurring?
When an individual is placed in a role in JobAdder they are created as a Candidate in Flare as part of the JobAdder different method of using this integration. These candidates can either be ignored if you don’t want to onboard them, or alternatively promoted to a recruit.
What data is sent back to JobAdder?
The only data sent back to JobAdder relates to the success/failure of the candidate’s creation in Flare.
What happens if the Workplace Address Name (JobAdder) and Location (Flare) are not the same?
When the user is pushed to Flare, their Location will be set to the account default.
What happens if the Company Name (JobAdder) and Legal Entity (Flare) are not the same?
When the user is pushed to Flare, their Legal Entity will be set to the account default.
What happens if Flare – Cost Centre (JobAdder) is not added to JobAdder?
When the user is pushed to Flare, their Cost Centre will be blank.
What should I do if I add a new legal entity in Flare?
Ensure that the legal entity has been added to your default location and "JobAdder" pay group.
What should I do if the employee’s role information isn’t correct in Flare?
Ensure that the legal entity associated with the employee has been added to your default location and "JobAdder" (or anything) pay group.
How do I ensure the correct brand is assigned to an employee?
If you have multiple legal entities and brands and need to dynamically assign the brand to an employee based on their legal entity, please remove the brand assignment for the default entity (in Enterprise > Entities) and ensure all other entities have a brand connected to them.
When an employee is assigned the default legal entity, they should receive the corresponding default brand. Otherwise, when an employee is assigned a non-default legal entity, the brand should dynamically assign.
How long does it take to create an employee in Flare from JobAdder?
Creating the employee in Flare is relatively instantaneous (less than 2 minutes), with confirmation notes added against the individual’s profile in Flare notifying the success/failure of their creation in Flare.
Can I use both Candidate Onboarding and Placement Onboarding in JobAdder?
It is possible, but not recommended (as your setup is normally configured to suit one way or the other).


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