Check-Ins – How To Allow Changes for Finalised Check-Ins


When employees complete check-ins, they can lock in their answers by finalising them. Once a check-in is in the "Finalised" status, it can't be configured anymore. However,  employees might Finalise their check-ins by accident sometimes. This article would go through the process of how you can re-activate a check-in that's been finalised so it can be further edited.

Follow Me.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Performance > Admin
  2. Choose the relevant Performance Management Review
  3. Type the name of the affected employee in the "Re-activate review for employee" section
  4. Tick what type of check-in you would like to re-activate
    • Self- the self-review that the employee is completing
    • Manager- the review being done by the employee's manager
    • Peer- the review being done by the employee's peers
    • All- all check-ins above
  5. Click "Re-Activate"



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