Signatures – How To Add/Update a Signature in Flare


This article gives you step by step instructions on how to add or update your personal digital signature in Flare. 


Note: Your digital signature is saved automatically to your profile if you are required to apply your signature to a document when completing your onboarding journey. 

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  1. Navigate your mouse to your profile picture and name in the top left corner of Flare
  2. Right-click on the drop-down arrow beside your job title and select "Save Signature" from the options
  3. Type in your Flare Username (Email) and Password
  4. Using your mouse or touch screen, apply your need signature in the "Sign in the box" 
  5. Once added/updated, select the "Save" option in the bottom left-hand corner

Note: If you have a pre-existing signature saved in Flare, this will load when you enter your username and password and select 'Load saved signature'. Select the "clear" option to remove your existing signature and apply an updated version. 



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