Add/Remove Documents

If you wish to add new documents or remove existing documents that are stored in your library, you can follow the steps below.


Adding a new document:

Step 1: Through the menu on the left, navigate too Organisation > Library


Step 2: Through the library menu, find the desired folder you wish to upload a document into


Step 3: Select "Add new document" which will open up your files

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 4.06.40 pm.png


Step 4: Select your document you wish to upload and add a title, the title will be the name of the document in Flare


Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 4.08.21 pm.png


Once you have uploaded your document, it will be saved in the library and the documents can be used.

If the uploaded document needs to be shared/accessed by other employees, you will need to share the document.


NOTE: To share a document right click the uploaded document and select Properties > Security. From this tab you can share the document to the work group > everyone or select specific employees


Deleting a Document:

To delete an existing document, follow the below steps:


Step 1: Navigate to Organisation > Library through the menu on the left of the screen


Step 2: Find your document you wish to delete within the available folders


Step 3: Right click the document you wish to delete and select "Delete" from the pop-up


Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 4.29.19 pm.png




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