Adding, Removing & Updating Employees in Your Flare Benefits Account

When managing your Flare Benefits Account, it's important to ensure that everyone has the correct access. 

Adding and Updating Employees

It’s essential that you not only add new employees to gain benefits access, but maintain an accurate and up to date record of active employees. This can be completed via a Batch upload.
Note: You should NOT use the batch upload function to:
  • Update an employee’s email address
  • Terminate (remove) employees
  • Re-add terminated employees

For step-by-step instructions on how to upload and update employees for benefits access please click here.


Removing Employees (Terminating)

When an employee has concluded their employment, they should have their access to Benefits removed by changing their status to Terminated in Flare.
Once an employee's status has updated to Terminated they will no longer have access to their Flare account unless re-added. 
For step-by-step instructions on how to terminate an employee please click here.
Note: If you are on our Flare Benefits & Wellbeing experience, terminating an employee will remove their access to the web experience but NOT the app.

Adding Previously Removed (Terminated) Employees

Sometimes you may wish to re-add an employee that has been already added to Flare in the past and had their access removed.
To add a previously terminated employee:
  • Navigate to Organisation Manage Employees.

  • In the Show the following employees dropdown select Terminated employees

  • Locate the employee that you would like to re-add and click Set status

  • In the set status pop up: 
    • Select Active in the Status dropdown;
    • Enter a Start Date that you would like to re-provide access from;
    • Select the Type of change and Reason for change and add in any Notes as required; and
    • Click Update status.


The Start date will generally determine when the employee's status will update to Active and they regain access to their Flare account. This may be used to forward date any upcoming changes.


Updating Employee Email Addresses

Keeping an employee’s email address up to date in Flare is important, as this is what your employees will use to log in.
If an employee has been added with an incorrect email address or has their email address changed (for instance, from a personal to work email address), please:
  • Navigate to Employees > Employee Details > Personal Details and enter the name of the employee you would like to update in the search bar, selecting them in the dropdown.

  • Update the employee's Email

    The Personal email field is NOT used to log into Flare.

  • Click Save.

Adding or Removing Benefits Administrators

If you would like someone to be able to add, edit, and/or remove employees in your account; OR set or be set as the benefits owner - they will need to have the appropriate security permissions, which can be allocated by adding them to the Benefits Admin permission group.
To add or remove an employee to the Benefits Admin permission group:
  • Navigate Settings > Security > Permission Groups and select Benefits Admin from the drop down.

  • Select the Members tab and add or remove people from the People section.

3. Click Save

Note: If you are on our Flare Benefits & Wellbeing experience, adding an employee to the Benefits Admin permission group will NOT automatically add them as an Editor. For further details on how to action this please click here.
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