Updating Your Internal Support Information

When you employees need support in Flare, this can often be for queries that our Support Team is unable to assist with.  This may be because it is an internal query - such as a question with a contract or policy - or because a resolution can only be provided by some action taken by one of your account's administrators. 

To ensure that we can provide the best experience for employees, your Flare account can display your company's internal support information.


For further information on setting this up and editing, please see:


Accessing Internal Support Information

Provided your employees have the ability to see internal support information (see below), they can access this by navigating to the Support tab on the left-hand menu.


Turning on the Ability to see Internal Support Information

If you're an administrator for your Flare account, when you select the support tab, you'll be directed to Flare's support information.

To ensure that your employees see your internal support information, rather than this please:

  • Navigate to Settings Security.

  • In the Permission group dropdown select the Everyone permission group.

  • Locate the permission Comms : View External Support and ensure that this is switched to No


    If you update this scroll up and click Save

  • Scrolling back up, select to the Menu access tab for the Everyone permission group.


  • Locate the Support checkbox and ensure that this is ticked.


    If you updated this scroll up and click Save


Note: You can update the permission settings for other permission groups if you would like to direct other groups to view your internal support information. 


Setting up or Changing Internal Support Information

To set up of change your company's internal support information please:

  • Navigate to Settings Account.

  • Scroll down to Company internal support information

  • Review and update your Internal support title, Company support site URLInternal support email, and Internal support phone as required.


  • Scroll down or up and click Save.
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