STP2 - Updates

Please see below articles that relate to the STP2 updates:

- Terminating Reasons

- TFN Declaration (Submission)

- TFN Declaration Fields (Country Codes)

Terminating Reasons

To provide information in your STP Phase 2 report when employees leave. As part of this, you are required to include the reason why employees leave in your STP report. 

The cessation reasons you can report are:

  • Voluntary cessation (V) 
  • Ill health (I) 
  • Deceased (D) 
  • Redundancy (R) 
  • Dismissal (F) 
  • Contract cessation (C) 
  • Transfer (T) 

For more information on this please refer to When an employee transfers or leaves on the ATO website. 

As part of the termination process in Flare, when terminating an employee (click here to learn more about terminating an employee), you’ll be requested to input a reason for this change. 

If you would like to update your termination reasons to be in line with the ATO cessation reasons for STP reporting please get in touch with our support team here and we’d be more than happy to help! 



TFN Declaration Fields (Country Codes)

As part of STP Phase 2, if you make a payment to a working holiday maker, you’re required to provide information about their home country. 

This is the country of nationality based on their working holiday maker visa. 

For more information on this please refer to Reporting the amounts you have paid on the ATO website. 

To support the provision of this information, we have updated our TFN declaration to request the Country of residence for any individual who selects ‘Foreign resident’ or ‘Working holiday maker’ as their Residential status.


This information is available for export from Flare.


TFN Declaration Submission

In addition, as part of STP Phase 2, the employment and taxation information in your STP report will replace sending TFN declarations to the ATO. However, the ATO has noted that you may continue to send TFN declarations if it supports other business processes.


For more information on this please refer to How to report employment and taxation information through STP Phase 2 on the ATO website. 


If you would like to check whether Flare automatically submits TFN Declarations to the ATO and/or turn automatic submission off please get in touch with our support team here.

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