How to use the Complete Form Step in a Process Template

When creating an information request, onboarding process or offboarding process the Complete Form Step allows you to enable employees to review and complete fillable PDF forms. This can be used to enable employees to supply information to a PDF form and if required sign it. Examples of forms typically completed include

  • Fair Work Statement
  • Fit to work Statement
  • Asset or Key register
  • Uniform order form
  • IR330 (NZ only)
  • KS2 (NZ only)

Any document that can be converted into a PDF can be configured to capture information. This documentation is then able to be transferred into a Flare self-service portal or transferred to a third-party application for storage and review.

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To see step by step instructions on how to set up a Complete Form Step in one of your processes please click here.

An example of what the Complete Form step can look like to employees is below. 



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