How To Support Your Employees Using Flare Discounts

We know what it’s like to try and grow your company’s benefits program. That’s why we’ve expanded our benefits platform to help you build awareness and drive adoption of the benefits you offer your employees.

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How can employees purchase discounts? 
To see the process of how employees can:

Access the Benefits platform click here

Make a purchase in the Flare Benefits platform click here

How can I purchase a voucher for my employees?
Employers may purchase a Flare Discount Reward Card for their team members. Rewards are available in a number of denominations ($25, $50, $100) and may be used for any purchase in the Flare Discounts store.

Gift cards are sent to the purchaser who must forward them on to their recipients. Multiple gift cards may be purchased at once.

To purchase a reward card, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Benefits > My Benefits
  2. Click on 'Browse discounts'
  3. Add the appropriate value card to your cart
  4. Complete your order by checking out. Your reward cards will be sent to you via email.


How can my employees use the voucher? 
When making a purchase, a user can redeem the value of a Reward Card by entering its unique code at checkout. This code isn't case sensitive. A Reward Card holds a balance, which can be spent over more than one order.

The see the process to purchase rewards using a Flare gift card click here 

When a customer redeems a Reward Card, the checkout displays one of the following options:

  • If the balance available on the Reward Card is greater than or equal to the order total, then the customer can click Complete order.

  • If the balance available on the Reward Card is less than the order total, then the customer is prompted to choose a second payment method for the balance before placing the order.

Requesting refunds
Once a store card has been issued and sent to an employee no refund is possible, regardless of reason.

Resolving payment issues
Employees should confirm they are entering the correct number, expiration date, CVV and address. If the issues persist, employees should try using another card.

Notice period for changes to the Flare Discounts catalogue
No notice is guaranteed for additions or removals to Flare Discounts.

Retailer redemption methods

Each retailer specifies how a voucher can be redeemed, this is displayed when the retailer's voucher is selected at the "add to cart" stage.

We also have a list of the retailers and redemption methods available in our support site, or you can also click here


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