How To Edit Movie Genres via List Management

This article provides you with an overview of the Movie Genre list in Flare and outlines how to edit the list, its purpose and where it appears in Flare. 


Movie Genres allow your employees the ability to note their favourite movie genre  when adding their details into Flare.

This detail is part of the getting to know you step.


Where does this field appear:
- Organisation > Manage Employees > Add a new person
- Employee > Employee Details > Notes

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To Edit or add to your Movie Genres:

1. Go to:  Settings > Setup > List Management

2. In the look up list select Movie Genres:

3. Make the required changes below

a. Select "Add Item" to add a new movie genre to your list, enter the name and update

b. Select Edit next to the required movie genre and you can change the name displayed, make the change and update

c. Select "Delete" next to the required movie genre to delete and confirm the deletion

Note: Only licence types that have not been used can be deleted. Any movie genre added or edited will be updated in your getting to know you step automatically in any new onboarding workflows.


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