How to use the Read Document Step in a Process Template

When creating an information request, onboarding process or offboarding process the Read Document Step allows you to enable employees to review and sign off on one or multiple documents.

This can be used for employees to view documentation and accept they have opened and reviewed it. This is most commonly used for policy documentation within the Flare onboarding or crossboarding processes. The documents presented can be different depending on the selected entity or location within a client site. Flare can hold documentation in the platform with version control as well. This can allow new versions of documentation to be uploaded and all new employees will receive the updated version. Flare can also send notification to have existing employees review and accept updated documents through a notified process called Info Request.

See these release notes for read document compliance options here.

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To see step by step instructions on how to set up a Read Document Step in one of your processes please click here.

An example of what the Read Document step can look like to employees is below. 


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