Employee View vs Admin View

Employee Views

The Employee view is available to all employees and is where benefits are provided focused around the 5 pillars of wellness - Money, Mind, Body, Work and Life.
Within the Employee view all employees can access:

Admin Views

There are two types of admins in Flare, the Benefits Account Owner and Benefits Editors
  • The Benefits Account Owner is a single user who ‘owns’ the Benefits Account. As well as being able to manage perks within the account, they may add or remove Account Editors
  • Benefits Editors include one or more users with permission manage the perks within an account
Admins can toggle between the:
  • Admin view - to access menu items to manage their account; and
  • Employee views - to experience the account as an employee
Within the Admin view an admin can access:
  • Perks Manager - to manage the perks available in an account.
  • Access Manager - to manage the benefits editor in an account. Please note this menu item is only visible and accessible to the Benefits Account Owner
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