How to set up an Info Request for Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates/Exemptions

With the roll out of the COVID-19 Vaccine, the article below is a brief overview on how to create an information request to capture information on the progress of an employee's vaccination.


For both methods, employees that complete the information request can be tracked using the process tab or active instance progress report. Please note however, that if an employee declines the information request they will still be recorded as having completed it.


Follow me.


Method 1: If the vaccination is mandatory for employees and a deadline is in place:

  1. Go into Settings > Rules > Process Templates
  2. Under Process Group, select Information Request
  3. Click ‘Add new’ and give it a name
    Note: This is just a name for the process, it is not visible to the employee
  4. Under Process Type, select information Request
    Under Process Description, you can write a short sentence as to what the process is about for your own reference
  5. Click Save
  6. Click ‘Add new’
  7. Name the step in Step Title field eg. COVID-19 Certificate/Exemption and include any specific instructions in the Instruction text field
  8. Set the Target Completion Date
  9. Select ‘Document Request’ for the Content Type and select the destination library folder (generally 'Completed Documents')
  10. In Smart Alerts, enable the Smart Alert for ‘Target Date Missed’ to be notified if an employee  has failed to upload their certificate/exemption in the required timeframe

All documents uploaded will be stored in the employee’s document library.


It's highly recommended that this information request is sent to employees after an internal deadline has be communicated and passed, to allow ample opportunity for COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates to be issued and minimise the number of employees that require follow up.



Method 2: If the vaccination is NOT mandatory for employees but a record is to be kept for those who have a Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate/Exemption:

  1. Go to Settings > Set up> List Management
  2. Select ‘Qualification Field’ and add the appropriate state health authority eg NSW Health
  3. Select ‘Qualification Type’ and add two separate qualifications: ‘COVID-19 Certificate’ and ‘COVID-19 Exemption’
  4. Go to Settings > Rules > Process Template
  5. Select ‘Information Request’ in Process Group
  6. Select ‘Formal Qualification’ in Process then click ‘Clone’ and select ‘Yes’ the following pop up.
  7. Select and rename the cloned Information Request
    Note: This is just a name for the process, it is not visible to the employee
  8. Rename the step and add in any relevant instructions
  9. Set the Target Completion Date
  • OPTIONAL Set any relevant Smart Alerts e.g. When Target Date Missed to be notified of anyone who hasn't actioned the Info Request, or When step skipped to be notified of anyone who elects not to complete the step. You should ensure that these alerts and the process instance declined alert are correctly configured and have the correct recipients.

It’s important to note that the qualification step is able to be skipped by default so if collection of COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate/Exemption is mandatory, Method 1 is recommended.

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