How To Assist Your Employee With Login Issues

Your employee may contact you requesting for assistance in resetting their password.  An example you might find is if they tried to use the Forgot Password function on the Flare Log In page and they are not receiving an email.  This article will provide you with some helpful tips to help determine what the issue might be and how to solve it.


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Ensure they are using the right login details.

  1. Visit their role page by going to Employees > Employee Details Personal Details
  2. Verify with the employee if the email address in the Email field is the correct one they are using to log into Flare.
  3. Verify with the employee if the correct email address was used in the password reset function.

Has the employee filtered or checked their junk mail?

  • Certain email providers automatically and email clients filter Flare emails to junk email or other folders depending on their configuration. If they have used the password reset function recently, ask them to search for the subject of the email: Flare password reset link

Verify their profile status.

  • Ensure that the employee has an active profile with you as the employer. If they are a candidate or a terminated employee they will be unable to log in.

Verify if they are using a compatible browser or device.

  • There are some occasions where the password reset link they receive through email opens an unsupported browser, depending on their Windows configuration, and they are unable to reset their password due to this. Please ensure that they are using a compatible browser and device as listed in this article - FlareHR Support Browsers

Resend the Welcome Email.

  • If you have the necessary access, you can Resend the welcome email function to reset the employee's password. 
    1. Navigate to the resend the welcome email function by going to Settings Account > Maintenance
    2. Scroll to the bottom to find the Resend welcome email function
    3. Search for the name of the employee
    4. Select the employee's name
    5. Click Resend Employee Welcome Email
    6. Select YES to confirm in the pop-up boxResendWel.gif

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