How To Add a New Entity to an Existing Pay Group


From time to time, your organisation may restructure and add a new entity. Pay groups are bound to entities and you will need to ensure you link the two before being able to add a user into the new pay group-entity combination. 

Without linking the two, the pay group will not appear as an option when adding a user into the new entity. 

Follow Me.

  1. Select Settings < Payroll Setup < Pay Groups

  2. Select the relevant Pay Group in the table and click on the pencil icon in the far right 'Action' column 

  3. Navigate to the Legal Entities column.

    This is a list of all legal entities which are attached to the pay group.

    Click in the field where the current entity/entities are listed against the Pay Group and select the new entity from the drop down list.


  4. Once you have selected the entity click on the Save icon in the far right action column.

    You can now select the right pay group matching your new entity. 

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