How To Manage Your Company Benefits


Flare Benefits is a single destination for employees to explore your corporate benefits plus Flare’s platform benefits including discounts and health insurance.

Build awareness and drive adoption of your benefits program by adding them to Flare Benefits.

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  1. Navigate to Settings > Security
  2. Select the Permission Group that should have access
  3. Select 'Secure' to view all secure permissions
  4. Enable the 'Benefits: Manage' permission
  5. Select the 'Menu access' tab
  6. Tick the 'Manage Benefits' menu item checkbox
  7. Save



Add a Benefit

  1. Go to Benefits > Manage Benefits


  2. Click on 'New benefit'
  3. In the pop-up, add the Title and Category of your own Benefit
    You can also add a Description, Value and URL and upload an image.

    When adding a URL ensure you include the full link (starting with https:// or http://) .


  4. Click Save


Edit a Benefit

  1. Go to Benefits > Manage Benefits
  2. Click on Benefit Title
  3. Edit Benefit details in the pop-up
  4. Click Save

Deactivate a Benefit

  1. Go to Benefits > Manage Benefits
  2. Click on Deactivate

    You have access to all of your inactive benefits by clicking on 'Show inactive benefits'. You can reactivate Benefits from there. 
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