Flare Service Level Agreement


Response times for:

Technical Issues

Note that the Support team may adjust the priority of reported issues based on available workarounds.



Response Time



Flare platform is inaccessible for all Users.




Key feature of the platform is unavailable for most Users and there is no reasonable workaround

Within 1 hour

Within 12 hours


Key feature of the platform is unavailable for most Users and there is a reasonable workaround

Within 2 hours

Within 48 hours


Service performs with loss of some functionality with minimal impact on Users

Within 4 hours

Within 1 week


Request for training or additional information

1 business day

Within 2 weeks


Other Requests



Response Time


Data Request

An action that Flare completes on behalf of the customer relating to substantial data changes 

Within 4 hours 

We strive to action data requests within three working days however complex requests may take longer. 

General Question

Enquiries regarding configuration changes or uncertainty on how to manage a process in the platform

Within 4 hours

Information provided within three working days 

Consulting Request

User or group of Users require training or configuration work beyond self-help resources.

Within 1 day

Statement of Work provided within three working days



  • Response shall mean communicating with the customer via Zendesk to acknowledge the issue.
  • Resolution shall mean that Flare HR has resolved the issue or provided a reasonable workaround and notified the customer via Zendesk.

SLA’s may extend for non-urgent issues during peak periods of the year, typically Easter, end of financial year, Christmas, or short working weeks due to public holidays.  

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