Check-Ins – How To Generate Check-In Reports

If your account has been set up with Check-ins functionality, you can generate reports for performance reviews.

Please note that the following reports will only be available for an active Review.

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 Performance Review Reports you can access as HR

1. Head over to Settings --> Performance --> Review.


2. Choose the desired review from the drop-down list and under 'Report' you can select your desired report to be generated.

  • Average score export
    • Contains a column showing you the average score of an employee 

  • Status report
    • Contains the status/progress details for both reviewer and reviewee 

  • Total score export
    • Contains a column showing you the total score of an employee 

  • Review data export
    • Contains all data for both reviewer and reviewee


Performance Review Reports you can access as a Manager

3. As a manager, you may also generate your direct report's (your employee's) performance review reports, this is found under Organisation --> Check-in --> Reports


4. You can choose your desired review, choose the specific employee you want to generate the report about.

  • Manager Summary Report 
    • Summary of managers feedback of an individual 

  • Summary report (comments only)
    • All comments added in a free text field within a Check-In 

  • Peer review report
    • Summary of peers feedback of an individual (360 review only) 

  • Self review report
    • Summary of individuals feedback of an own assessment



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