Check-Ins – How To Set Up Approvers for a 360 Review Check-In


Please ensure you have the basic Check-in set up as per the How to create a Check-in article. 


Overview of the 360 Component of the Check-in system: 

The 360 Review system allows the HR Manager, the Reviewers and the Reviewees to select multiple employees to review them and see their review. 

Approval Authorisation Setup

The first step to this process is to setup the approval authorisation organisation. 

  1. Go to [Settings]
  2. Go to [Rules]
  3. Select [Approval Processes]
  4. Select [Approval Group] – [Performance Management]
  5. Select [Approvals] – [Peer Review Request]


Under Peer Review Request select the Approval Persons whom will be allowed to approve of the changes requested. 


Also, make sure all managers have access to the approval tab under Organisation in the Setup/Security tab.


For the 360 Review to be active on a particular review; BEFORE activating your review: Under the Settings/Performance/Review tab make sure that the "Allow Peers" under Participants box is checked.

The 360 System is then live and reviewees and reviewers can now share and ask for others to review them under Employee/Check-In/360 Review Setup and 360 Review

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