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What Are Contract Groups?


Contract groups allow you to select which contract an employee will receive.

Typically, when you add a new employee, Flare automatically selects which contract the employee should receive based on their details (e.g. job, department, location, award). Contract groups allow you to specify the contract template, providing you with further control over your onboarding process.


Follow Me.

1. Head over to Settings > Setup and select the List management tab.


2. Select the Contract Group list and click Add item.

3. Fill in the name of the contract group you wish to create and click Update.


4. Now you can attach this contract group to a new or existing Contract by going to Settings > Rules and selecting the Template Document tab.


5. Select the Employee Contract within the Template documentsdrop-down.

6. Either add a new contract by clicking Add document or edit an existing one by clicking Edit next to the contract you wish to link to the contract group.

7. Find and select the Contract group in the drop-down box.

8. Make sure to click Update after you are done.


9. You will then be able to link the contract to an Employee on the Add new employee page.



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