How To Add Additional Legal Entities


Whether a company is comprised of a single entity or multiple entities, System Managers must ensure that all entity details such as the legal entity name, ABN, contact details, etc. are kept up-to-date in Flare.

In order to ensure this is the case, follow the steps below on how to add or amend legal entity details. 



Note: If you are a FlarePay customer, please contact our Support Team for more information on this topic. There is an additional charge for setting up new entities and pay groups to sync the information to SAP. 


Follow me.

 1. From the Menu, select Enterprise > Entities


2. Click New to create a new entity


3. Name your entity 


Note: this has to be the legal name

4. Fill in the information related to that entity including:

  • Legal Entity Name
  • Country
  • Company number/ABN
  • TFN
  • Address
  • Phone Number (this must be a valid phone number as this may affect an employee's ability to complete their Tax Declaration during onboarding)

5. You can also select if you would like to make that entity your default for the account or if you would like to include it in payroll.


Note: The "Include in payroll" option only affects FlarePay

6. Choose a default Brand to be assigned to the Entity. The Brand determines which logos will be shown to employees if they're assigned to a particular Entity. To learn about Brands in Flare and how to create one, click here.


7. Nominate an Authorised Legal Representative and an Authorised Payroll Representative as their details will also be pulled into electronic TFN submissions.


8. Once you have filled in all applicable info click save back up at the top right corner of the page.



 Note: You will also need to tag the entity to relevant locations and pay groups before you add any new starters to the platform who are employed under this entity.



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